roadies south africa winner Name leaked 2022

The winner of Season 18 Roadies will be selected based on the scores of the last task done by the buddy pairs on the day of the finale.

"Roadies: Journey in South Africa" has lost three pairs, and the fourth pair will lose this weekend. As the strongest contestants get closer to being kicked off the show, the competition gets tougher.

In episodes 15, 16, and 17 of "Roadies: Journey in South Africa," the dance task and the new team task will set the tone for the next elimination (vote out).

Every weekend since their pairing up in the midst of the programme, none of Ashish-buddy Nandini's pairs has shown a performance worthy of a winner.

Ashish-Nandini has the best probability of claiming the title of Ultimate Champions and winning Roadies Season 18: Safari In Africa.

Ashish-Nandini and Kevin-Moose are anticipated to be their primary rivals.