Shakti kapoors son Siddhanth Gets Bail 

Actor Shakti kapoors son Siddhanth Kapoor Gets Bail After Arrest For Drug Use At Rave Party In Bengaluru Hotel

Shacti kapoors son Siddhanth Gets Bail 

Bheema Shankar Gulled, DCP East Bengaluru informed, that   Actor Siddhanth Kapoor and four others who were released on bail will have to further appear before the Police as and when called.

 on Sunday night, sidhanth Kapoor, son of shakti kapoor had been detained by Bengaluru Police Monday for allegedly consuming drugs at a party in the city.

Bengaluru City Police's Deputy Commissioner of Police Bheemashankar S Guled said, "Siddhanth Kapoor's medical shows he had consumed drugs, Revealing that his medical reports confirm drug consumption. 

The police have sent the samples of people suspected of having consumed drugs for medical tests and Siddhanth's sample was among six that turned positive. 

Actor Siddhanth Kapoor And Four Others Who Were Released On Bail For The Time Being.

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