In a recent policy meeting, a fellow lawmaker told The San Francisco Chronicle in a story published Thursday, Feinstein repeated herself and  fail to remember topics already discussed. 

At 88, she is the oldest senator, a few months in front of Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Responds After Colleagues' Accounts That Her Memory Is Deteriorating, she said in a statement, "I'm still an effective representative"

"She was an intellectual and political force not that long ago, and that's why my encounter with her was so jarring," the lawmaker added then. "Because there was just no trace of that."

In the report, four U.S. senators, including three Democrats, all said Feinstein's memory was deteriorating to the point that she could not fulfill her job duties without the help of her staff.

However, two senators who spoke to the Chronicle told the outlet that while they believe Feinstein partially recognizes them, she may not be able to recall their name or home state. 

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