Ozark Series-Finale Recap: Ghosts

the complicated legacy of Netflix's Ozark, which drops its final seven episodes on the streamer today.

For a drama boasting multiple jump-scare executions and unhinged depths of antagonists like Darlene Snell, serious suspense plays an almost eerie second fiddle to Byrde family’s season-four swan song.

 Sure, there’s bloodshed; there’s always bloodshed. 

But these seven episodes are more about saying goodbye than good riddance–a staggering tonal shift for a show so dark it once threatened to drown a baby.

season four part two’s rotation of wistful embraces, surprise appearances, and misty-eyed flashbacks delivers an almost Friday Night Lights-esque nostalgia

Picking up shortly after Ruth’s infamous “If you want to stop me, you’re gonna have to kill me!” tirade, Marty and Wendy kick off their final stretch struggling to contain former protege’s rage. 

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