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Jezz Bezoz Net Worth

$188 billion

As on 2023, The net worth of Jeff Bezos is estimated to be around $188 billion which in Indian Currency is approximately equal to Rs 14 lakh crore, making him not only among the richest people but wealthier than anyone else. In the year 1997, Bezos became a millionaire after raising $54 million through Amazon’s Initial Public Offer. His name was first included On the Forbes World’s Billionaires list in the year 1999.

Key Facts

  • Quit his job in finance in 1994 to launch an online bookstore
  • Wrote the Amazon business plan in the car as he drove across the country
  • Net worth topped $12b the day Amazon went public in 1998
  • Net worth sank to $2 billion after the dotcom bubble burst
  • Net worth topped $50b for the first time in 2015
  • Net worth topped $100b for the first time in 2018
  • Owns $1b worth of Google thanks to a pre-ipo investment
  • Was worth $136b the day he and wife MacKenzie announced their separation
  • MacKenzie received 20m shares of Amazon and is now the richest woman in the world
  • Had they never divorced, Jeff’s net worth would easily top $250b
  • Owns The Washington Post
  • Owns $300m worth of property in Beverly Hills
  • Owns $60m worth of property in Washington
  • Has sold at least $70b worth of Amazon shares to date
  • Sells $1b per year to fund space company Blue Origin
  • Net worth hits $211 billion in July 2021

Early Life

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His mother was a 17-year-old high school student when she gave birth to Jeff. His father owned a bike shop. His mother eventually divorced Jeff’s birth father. When he was 4 she married a Cuban immigrant named Miguel Bezos. Soon after the wedding, Miguel adopted Jeff, and Jeff’s last name was legally changed from Jorgenson to Bezos. The family moved to Houston where Mike got a job as an engineer for Exxon. They were also closer to his mother’s parents who had a cattle ranch south of San Antonio. His maternal grandmother Mattie Louise Gise was his first cousin to country singer George Strait.

While growing up in Texas, Bezos used his parents’ garage as a laboratory for his science projects. He would also spend summers working at his grandparent’s ranch. Jeff would later claim to have learned his work ethic during his summers at the ranch. He would also later purchase the ranch and expand it from 25,000 to 300,000 acres.


Bezos purchased three apartments overlooking Madison Square Park, Manhattan, which also includes a penthouse for $80 million in June 2019, making it one of the most expensive real estate purchases. Further in February 2020, he purchased the Warner Estate for $165 million in Los Angeles. During the pandemic, COVID-19  Bezos’s fortune had grown by $24billion. From real estate to the space sector, Bezos knew how to invest his money. He also has substantial holdings in shares of prominent companies.

The company share price reflects this phenomenal growth. Jeff Bezos has owned about 15.1% of the Two-decade old company, thereby making it the largest source of wealth. Thus Bezos ranks the second richest person on Earth today.


  • Bezos received his first major award in 1999 when Time named him Person of the Year.
  • He was awarded an Innovation Award for the Amazon Kindle in the year 2011.
  • In March 2018, at the Explorers Club, he was awarded Buzz Aldrin Space Exploration Award in recognition of his work with Blue Origin.

Net Worth Details And History

In the long time since Amazon opened up to the world, Bezos has sold somewhere around $70 billion worth of his portions. He sells generally $1 billion worth of offers consistently as a feature of an arranged stock deal game plan.

The day Amazon opened up to the world, Amazon’s market cap was $300 million. Jeff claimed 40% of the organization at that point, providing him with total assets of $120 million (on paper, pre-charge). Within a year he was valued at $1 billion. At the pinnacle of the dotcom bubble, Jeff’s total assets beat $10 billion. After the air pocket burst, Amazon’s stock value sank to an untouched low of $5 per share in October of 2001. By then, Jeff’s total assets sank to $1-2 billion.

If you had been smart enough to take $10,000 and buy shares of Amazon in October of 2001, today you would have more than $15 million before counting any dividends.

Marriage Status

• After meeting at D.E. Shaw, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos were married in 1993.

• Shortly afterward, the couple relocated to Seattle to found Amazon – MacKenzie was one of the company’s first employees.

• So began the joint statement issued on January 9 by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, and his wife MacKenzie Bezos, announcing the dissolution of their 25-year marriage.

•MacKenzie Scott is now married to Dan Jewett, a Seattle science teacher.


Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $190 billion. As of this writing, that makes him the richest person in the world. He is the founder and CEO of He lost $36 billion of his fortune as a result of his divorce from MacKenzie Bezos, who instantly became one of the 25 richest people in the world with the settlement.

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